Free Money Making Machines on Internet: REDBUBBLE & SOCIETY6

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Money Making Machines? What are you talking about?

Yeah you heard it right. Money Making Machines. What is a machine? A machine is something which reduces human effort. I hope everyone agrees. Now there are two websites on the internet that are nothing less than Machines. Machines that make money. The first one is Redbubble and the second one is Society 6. Now you must be wondering what’s so special about them, right? Let’s find out.

The POD (Print on Demand) magic

Oh crap not that T-shirt selling websites again. Are you serious? This is the second blog you’ve posted about POD.

Yup, thats true Folks. The reason why I’m posting about POD once again is that it has the potential of making you rich and create a hefty passive source of income. I want you to show the some awesome advantages these websites have. I really want that people should be aware of the enormous possibility that is hidden in the plain sight.

Advantages of POD:

I would list out some of the advantages of these websites and then you decide.

1. Product Customization

Whether you want to create a whole new brand of fun t-shirts for kids or simply want a way to let your customers buy swag that helps build your brand, print on demand is the best solution for custom shirts. As long as you are using high-quality images, you can build an entire store with different images, hashtags, and slogans. Literally, the only limit is your imagination and the quality of your artwork.

2. Simple to setup

Once you have your account established with the POD company, upload your designs and select the apparel you want to sell. Multiple colours and sizing are automatically displayed so customers have ample options to get exactly what they want. Best of all is the automation. When someone buys a t-shirt or hoodie, the link to the POD supplier is made with the order details and the purchase. You don’t need to do another thing except monitor things for customer service excellence.

3. High Quality Items

The quality of all the items are regulated by a single owner which ensures that quality control remains efficient. Customers will enjoy wearing apparels which are designed by you. Print on demand custom shirts have evolved from the cheap swap meet quality and are truly something your customers will want to wear. These aren’t the t-shirts saved for laundry day; people will feel good wearing your designs and the apparel itself.

4. Start a Business with Almost ZERO Capital

The prime advantage of POD is that you don’t require a massive capital or property or garage full of unsold inventory to start a business. While there are slightly better profit margins for print on demand products compared to having a full run of shirts, the reduced overhead is what really lowers your risk. You can always do a separate run later of your most popular items when you are able to fund that expenditure without significant financial risk.

The list is long. These are just a few points out of many which should motivate you to start your own business on POD stores. I will continue explaining about POD business in my upcoming blogs and also teach you on how to make money online without too much of hassle.

In return I want you to share my blog as much as possible with your friends and family. It really supports me in continuing my blogging. The more you share this blog, the more methods and tips I’ll bring to you in future.

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