Earn Money from your Home Easily on Pinterest

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Easy Method of Earning Money from Home using Pinterest

What if I tell you that Pinterest has the capability of earning you hundreds of dollars per day and realising all your dreams? In this blog I’ll explain step by step the complete process. Before I begin, make sure you share my blog as much as possible. I really appreciate your support and I would love to bring more legitimate methods and tricks for you to make easy money online, provided I get enough support for my Blog.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Step 1

The first step is to have a Pinterest Account for obvious reasons. Make sure you sign up on Pinterest and make a free account.

Step 2

Next step is to sign up on Digistore24. Digistore24 is a website for affiliate marketing. Here you can find many offers which will help you earn online. Now I selected a Keto diet magazine offer in which the customer pays only the shipping charges for a free Keto Diet book with hundreds of recipes. Check out the offer here so you would understand better. Once we sign up on Digistore 24, the next step is to make a Pinterest pin using our commercial.

Step 3

Now go to Canva.com and select a template. Remember we have to select a Pinterest template. Just type Pinterest in search bar and select Pinterest Pin. You’ll find a blank canvas where we will create our Pinterest post. Remember we have to create an attractive post using our affiliate offer from digistore. You can take screenshot of the commercial and crop it using Canva tools. I’ll post my Pinterest picture for easy reference.

Click here to view my Pinterest post.

Once you create your pinterest picture, post the affiliate link in the destination website. Hence, if someone clicks on your picture, they’ll land on your affiliate page.

Step 4

We now have a Pinterest post which will lead to the affiliate page of commercial. Our next objective is to make sure that it reaches to maximum number of people. For that we have to sign up on SEOClerks. SEO Clerks is a website which we will use to promote our pinterest post.

Click here to sign up on SEOClerks

After signing up on SEOClerks, search Pinterest in the search bar. You will find hundreds of offers for promotion of pinterest posts. These offers are extremely cheap and start from as low as 1 dollar. Select an offer based on ratings and promote your pinterest post as much as possible.

As your post gets promoted, it will reach to more and more people which in turn will increase the possibility of people buying from you Affiliate link. While your post gets promoted, you’ll make money online. I know initially you’ll have to spend some time signing up on these websites but this is a one time investment. Once you’ve signed up theres no limit. You can create hundreds of posts and earn thousand of dollars sitting on your couch.

I hope you liked this blog and if you did, please like the post, share as much as possible and subscribe to my blog. If you want more tips on how to earn real online money legitimately and create passive income sources, show some love.


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